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PostSubject: promotions/demotions   promotions/demotions EmptyFri Apr 26, 2013 2:17 pm

So this is a post explaining how to get a promotion, or what can get you demoted.
Please note: Doing the things I specify in here, does not guarantee you will be promoted instantly. It'll basically just increase your chances of getting a promotion.
In the end, the decision is always up to the higher admins.
This is basically information on how to be a good admin, who will probably be considered for promotion more quickly.

Getting promoted:
Well, first of all: Be friendly. I can not stress this enough. I know most of you guys are friendly enough, but still it's an important thing to have. If we have members there, or pubbers, we want to give everybody a nice place to play wolfenstein.

second: Be social. Of course, you don't always feel like talking to other people, but then again, there's chat available and if there's pubbers or even other members, it's always nice to have somebody to talk to.
If there's a player on the server who won't say anything... I personally at least quickly start thinking they're not really that nice.
So yeah, if it's not too much to ask, try to get up a chat now and then. And if you don't feel like talking and somebody talks to you or something, just kindly notify them that you don't feel like talking, no big deal.

Third: Follow the rules. I say rules, but I personally see them more as guidelines. The rules are basically stuff any sane person should already be doing anyway. Helping other players, informing them on how stuff goes on our server, etc.

fourth: Be active. Having an admin who's online on the server once every 3 weeks, and checks the forum once every 4 weeks... that's not very useful. Of course if you have a reason for your inactivity, then please post it on the forums.

Getting Demoted:
First of all I want to note that getting demoted is something I personally won't do too quickly. So you'll have to bugger up real bad to get this result.

Insulting other people. Note, I say people, so I mean anybody. Whether it be pubbers, lower admins, higher admins, I don't care. I will not condone insulting other people.
If you do so, you will be clearly warned, and if you keep it up, you will receive a demotion.
If you see somebody else do so, if you have the admin level to do so, warn them clearly. If they do not listen, get proof (screenshots etc.) of the event and send them to a higher admin and we will fix this problem.

Abusing your admin powers.
You get your admin level because we trust you. We trust that you will do your job properly.
If you get commands and abuse them this can result in a demotion, depending on the abuse that happened.
For example: !Slapping one of your fellow members (As I tend to do to chains) If it's something for good fun, it's technically still abuse (Because it wasn't nessecary) but it's in good fun, so it's alright.
If somebody uses such a command on you, and you don't like it, just tell that admin so, and they should quit doing so.
If that person keeps on going after you asked them to stop, again: Get the proof, tell us, and we'll get it sorted.
The abuse I'm mainly concerned about it muting, kicking and banning for reasons that aren't really nessecary.
If this happens, then we will look into what happened, and solve the problem in the best way we see fit. So a demotion may be in place.

Keep in mind, these things are not set in stone.
These are guidelines. It's always a matter of what happened.
But you can keep these things in mind to get a good name in this clan.
So, look out for these things, and as always, have fun!
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