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PostSubject: Rules   Rules EmptyMon Feb 25, 2013 12:29 am

Of course, we still need rules.
We want a nice, clean and friendly server for lots of people to play on, and just plain have fun.
So, lets get to it.

- English is the language spoken on the server and in the forums. If you feel like speaking in a different language, do this outside of ET or in pm's on the server.

- Watch your language. I do not like swearing all that much, especially when playing with other people. It is unnecessary and often only causes problems.
Swearing on a regular basis will be punished by a mute.

- If you get warned (either verbally, or by a mute), this means you're doing something wrong. If you do not listen to the highest admin present at that point, you will receive further punishments such as getting kicked, getting banned for a short period, or in the worst case and after not listening to multiple warnings: a complete ban from the server.

- Be friendly to other players. Whether they are members of the clan, guests on the server or anybody else playing on there. If you feel that you have a problem with another player on the server, take it to a higher authority in the clan (higher admin, owner or supreme owner) and get it fixed this way. This will help to keep any discussions and fights to a minimum and get them sorted out ASAP.

- The admin levels are there for a reason. The highest admin present at the time of a conflict is the person who will have to try and resolve the conflict. This will also be the person who all the lower level admins and guests can refer to if they need help or a conflict resolved.
If this admin doesn't think himself suitable for the question or the conflict at hand, they will notify a higher admin of whatever is going on and hopefully we can get everything back in order again.

- abuse of admin powers is not accepted. Be fair, and there will be no problems.

- spawnkilling is not fun for other people, anybody who is spawnkilling will receive a verbal warning, asking them to stop. If they won't listen, the right course of action will be followed by the admin present at that time.

-No walljumping, team-pushing, vote-spam, forbidden control binds.
Of course text and vsay keybinds are still allowed.

so far, these are the rules I can currently come up with.
Further rules may be added to my own liking.
I'm a fair person and I do not anger quickly.
These rules are in place to keep our home, our server, a clean and friendly place to play in.
What it comes down to is: if you act like a normal, and friendly human being, there will be no problems what so ever.

Any questions about the rules may be made in a separate post.
I would like to keep this post as clean as possible, which is why I locked it.

-- Bulls<3
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